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 About Me 

I am Daria, an artist, illustrator, Soul Art creator, biologist, Authentic Expression guide and Brand Identity coach.

I grew up in a forester's lodge, tucked away deep inside ancient Polish woodlands and currently live in the English countryside, therefore I am strongly connected to nature, animals and the supernatural beings of telluric plane.

I am a creative daydreamer, curious wanderer, geek and a wild child that has never put her crayons down and never stopped believing in magic.

I create a safe space for people to truly be themselves, so that their authentic expression reflects and cascades into all aspects of their life. It's not just about art, it's so much more than that. Creativity and joyful curiosity for the world around us are catalysts for great change and powerful tools to get us moving whenever and however we feel stuck or lost. It is important that we share such insights back to wider audiences and nurture the way for their own discovery, activation, healing, stepping into the ever-expanding waves of consciousness and purpose. The younger versions of ourselves have always craved for someone to lead and look up to, yet it turns out that it was us all along.



 Soulfully Guided 

The time to explore new creative possibilities, share inspired ideas and to ask bigger questions has come. What is the greater vision and potential for ourselves? What really matters? What is worth creating and keeping? What needs shedding away and fading out? How do we promote integrity, authenticity, clarity, connection, harmony and balance in our immediate environment? What does implementing desired changes, fostering peace and 'coming home' into this world looks like in micro and macro scale?


All answers are available, flowing in the subtle currents of energy in us and all around us, we just need to quieten the noise and clear the clutter to be able to see, hear and feel them. And this is were I am passionate to help as a Soul Bridge, Authentic Expression Guide, Art therapist and Brand Identity coach.

My magic is to make others realize what their magic is, remind them to use it every day and to forge new various ways of doing so.

Work with me and you will not leave the same way you came in:)




  • bridge and activate Soul's true essence

  • recognise and enhance innate gifts and skills

  • inspire authentic and confident Soul expression

  • ignite creativity, passion and purpose

  • help to clearly identify core values and goals

  • encourage finding genuine voice to articulate with clarity

  • translate all of above into potent, aesthetic, Soulful branding (personal & business)

  • transform and expand into a beautiful state of unlimited creative potential and abundant flow


What I also facilitate:

  • creating genuine and deep connections with self, other people and nature

  • grounding, stress relief and emotional release through intuitive arts and crafts

  • setting heart centred and aligned intentions and making sovereign decisions

  • body-mind-soul levels of energy management

  • delivering changes of perspective and emotional shifts needed to induce healing and enhance well-being


Choose best tailored way I can help you make it happen.




Walking Back To Self: energy healing & life coaching

1hr - via ZOOM - £65

(can be arranged in person too)

In our private & confidential 1:1 session I will deliver the physical, spiritual and emotional level support you need, to induce healing & enchance well-being. By combining an ancient wisdom with the science of human anatomy & physiology, I can help you to clear out the karmic cycles, ancestral bindings, unhelpful emotions, hormonal imbalance and general body discomfort you are ready to release, in order to take yourself from where you are to where you want to be. If you struggle with finding efficient solutions or taking sovereign decisions, I can help you shift old habits and limited perspectives, see new choices with clarity and regain confidence in making potent, desired changes in your life.


 Draw It Out:

intuitive art therapy

1hr 20min - via ZOOM - £70

(can be arranged in person too)


Therapeutic, private & confidential, guided 1:1 session of intuitive artistic expression, reflection, inspiration, emotional release, visualization and many more ways to heal through Art.

Tell me in shapes and colors about the things that ail your soul and I will help you pinpoint how to heal it and create way out of your struggles.



Soul's Compass Tuning:
exploration & authentic expression

1hr 20min - via ZOOM - £70

(can be arranged in person too)

Private, guided 1:1 session of Soul's Plan alignment infused with channeled messages, Art and harmonising frequencies to become attuned to the cosmic symphony of life. Designed to take creative beginners on a journey of becoming confident creators: discover their gifts, develop their skills, identify their values and goals, help them find & learn ways they love to express though, all in a fun, inspirational and supportive environment.

Here you will learn to portray thoughts, ideas, emotions, experiences with lines and colors, telling stories, authentically expressing yourself, sharing your magic in the most universal and potent way - encoded into & conveyed through creative Arts.


 Book a Soulfully Guided Session Now 


 Soulfully Branded 

This is my newest addition to the variety of artful commissions and creative works! Soulfully Branded offering combines intuitive and chann